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I used to think that planting trees is a social activity which does not generate any income…, but it changes when I found this program.

This program is called “secure the earth program”, in which the agents of the program are called Green Warriors.

I started to learn the program, and I have realized that the planting trees program actually can generate income, just like the former Minister of Environment of RI has said:


(If Indonesia succeeds in conserving its forest so that it can absorb carbon, then the performance of the task of Indonesian forest to collect and to absorb carbon now gets financial compensation. It used to be not like this. It used to be perceived that the carbon absorption of Indonesian forest is something free. Now, because the forest in the world is getting smaller, while the contamination of carbon is increasing due to the pollution of industries, energies, etc., then the function of the forest to absorb carbon has the values that can be exchanged with money. Now, because the tropical forest of Indonesia absorbs carbon, it gets the right of compensation from the world society.)


And I am glad that the Green Warrior program teaches me how to run the program online, and the result is incredible, I can generate extra income of 4,237 USD in only 7 days, just by using my laptop.

 The program is very simple. To join the program, we just need to register for becoming the green warrior, just by paying 350,000, and automatically a tree will be planted for us in Indonesia (a tropical country which is called lungs of the earth) by the best experts of forestry in Indonesia at the land owned by the government with the standardization of ISO 9001 2008.

After that, we will receive a book and CD on how to generate money by campaigning tree planting online. I have practiced the contents of the book and CD, and it turns out then that money flows swiftly to my bank account.

Nah, jika Anda ingin mendapatkan info tentang Cara Memiliki Penghasilan Rp11.231.120,- DALAM 7 HARI dengan kampanye menanam pohon, Saya akan Memberikan Info Rahasianya untuk Anda.


Karena terbatasnya kuota, Tim Admin kami di kota Anda akan mem-follow up Anda





Lukmanutomo Tri Wibawanto (Tommy)
Asal Kota : Malang, Jawa Timur

 "Saya benar-benar merasakan perubahan hidup yang luar biasa dari program ini,
padahal saya sebelumnya hanya seorang pemuda pengangguran...."



Pujo Kismanto
Asal Kota : Malang, Jawa Timur

"Seorang mantan General Manager surat kabar lokal di Jawa Timur,
menghasilkan Rp. 13.335.353 dalam 6 hari...."



Anom Monalope
Asal Kota : Malang, Jawa Timur

"Seorang mantan tukang parkir di Malang,
menghasilkan Rp. 25.500.000 dalam 7 hari...."



Candra Aditya
Asal Kota : Malang, Jawa Timur

"Mantan Office Boy,
menghasilkan Rp5.727.813 dalam 9 hari...."